Local September 2, 2015 | 7:28 am

Dominican Republic issues IDs to 84,000 Haitians

Santo Domingo.- Interiorand Police minister Jose Ramon Fadul on Tuesday said deportations of theoverwhelmingly Haitian immigrants continue as part of the country´s migration policiesand that 84,000 ID cards have been delivered thus far to foreigners who qualifiedfor the regularization program.

He said the programhas successfully reached the targets, bringing “tranquility” on the issue of immigration."The deportations continue, the country´ s migration policies are beingenforced, the law is the law and the immigration policy is unstoppable, hasnever stopped and will not stop."

Fadul said 1,000 morefarm workers were issued ID cards in Valverde province (northwest) yesterday andaround 110,000 are ready for their owners to pick them up.

He said that numberof ID is in addition to those which continue to be delivered at the ministry´s 25offices nationwide. "We´re say that of 210,000 we have 115 or 110,000still, but they are all finished."

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