Local September 8, 2015 | 7:39 am

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Dominican government steals from us via fuels: Movement

Santo Domingo.- Thegrassroots movement Somos Pueblo (we are Nation) on Monday announced a protest over the highcost of gasoline, and urged the people not to fill up on Tuesday.

Organization spokespersonClarisa Gil said ??their campaign “Don’t fill on Tuesday!” aims to demand thatthe government comply with the law and eliminate the distortions which lead tohigh fuel prices.

"On Tuesday, wewill have a civic protest that consist of an orderly march and motorcadestarting 10am at the corner of Pedro Livio Cedeño and Duarte streets and marchalong several avenues in downtown Santo Domingo," Gil said.

Organization leader EduardoSanchez said the protest will also flood the social networks and invitedcitizens to carry signs stating "Don’t fill up on Tuesday" and "Weare Nation," and to re-tweet the various actions to be promoted to force lowerprices on fuels and lubricants.

"The call is forpeople not to buy gasoline on Tuesday, because they (the government) arestealing from us around one billion pesos weekly."

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