Local September 16, 2015 | 1:11 pm

Deputies want probe of Social Security RD$100M+ ´fraud´ yearly

Santo Domingo.- TheChamber of Deputies on Wednesday said president Danilo Medina should order an investigationof the directors of the Social Security System and said it will form part ofthe probe into the alleged fraud of more than RD$100 million annually.

Deputies FabioVargas, Cristian Paredes and Mario Hidalgo said the investigation must be “takento the very end.”

Vargas called for athorough review of the Social Security System, “not only in this point but inother aspects that require improvement.”

A complaint on the allegedfraud against Social Security was submitted to the Senate on Tuesday, citingfictitious payroll through partial wages, which created a "financialimbalance" of around RD$100 million annually.

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