Local September 16, 2015 | 3:25 pm

Dominicans had better fight crime ´before it gets out of hand´

Santo Domingo.- USambassador James W. Brewster on Wednesdaysaid the lack of insecurity must befought "before it gets out of hand."

"It´s a concernof the United States, the Dominican people and I know the Dominican government,and it´s something we have to work together to solve it before the situation getsout of hand," the diplomat said.

He said Washingtonworks with Dominicans in various ways to help fight insecurity, citing hisrecent visit to Police chief Nelson Peguero, to provide assistance in educationand training programs for officers.

"The only waythis will really change isn’t at the hands of the United States, it will be inthe hands of the Dominican people to take a united decision and say we will notcontinue to tolerate corruption, we´re no longer going to continue tolerating crime,"Brewster said.

He said he has metwith other entities to improve assistance in education and training.

Speaking after ameeting with Central Electoral Board (JCE) president Roberto Rosario, Brewstersaid he was satisfied with his explanation on the delivery of documents to55,000 foreigners who are enrolled in the civil registry.

"We had a veryopen, very frank conversation, over the next electoral process," thediplomat said, in reference to preparations for the general elections next May16.

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