Local September 16, 2015 | 8:19 am

Haiti bans the overland entry of Dominican products

Port-au-Prince.- Haiti´sEconomy and Finance Ministry has barred 22 types of Dominican products fromentering its territory overland, which can enter only by sea and air throughPort-au-Prince and Cap Haitien, except cement, which cannot enter via any port.

Quoting a Ministrystatement, local media report that the ban on the goods takes effect starting todayWednesday and include wheat flour, cement, cooking oil, soap, detergent, foam packaging,water, auto paint and bodywork products, butter and shortening.

Also rebar forconstruction, pasta, PVC pipes, powder juice, soft drinks, beer, snacks, milledcorn, mattresses, heavy construction equipment (even rentals), household utensils( plastics) and cookies.

The statement signedby current Haiti Economy minister Wilson Laeau, and alleges the measure aims toimprove quality control and ensure the population´s safety.

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