Local September 17, 2015 | 4:11 pm

Top Dominican Republic senators lash out at Haiti´s ´bull—t´

Santo Domingo.- Thecurrent and former presidents of the Senate on Thursday said the Dominican government´s tolerance of Haitianauthorities have reached its limit, and called for more vigorous response to its"nonsense."

"DominicanRepublic´s tolerance has exceeded parameters, the limits of what a nation shouldwithstand, which has been considerate and respected by the DominicanRepublic," said Senate president Cristina Lizardo.

She asked the Presidencyand the senior diplomats to seek other measures, including other markets fordomestic products to reject the neighboring country´s intentions.

"I think theDominican Republic has the ability to seek other markets, what happens is thatthe country´s gesture of solidarity and consideration with the Haitian people hasprevailed," although Port-au-Prince ´s attitude, she says isn’t “reciprocal.”

Former Senate presidentReinaldo Pared said in response to Haiti´s ban on the entry of 23 Dominicanproducts to Haitian territory through border crossings, the Dominicangovernment should seek alternatives "without neglecting the Haitianpeople."

"Enough of withstandingso much nonsense and bullshit from the Haitian government," Pared said, notingthat Haiti´s ban "harms the Haitian people the most," and despitethat Port-au-Prince is aware of trade´s importance for the Dominican businesssector.


Dominican Exporters Association(ADOEXPO) president Sadala Khoury on Thursday placed the losses for local exporters from the ban at200 million dollars.

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