Local September 18, 2015 | 5:10 pm

More than 30 Dominicans among Interpol’s 120 most wanted

Santo Domingo.- More than 120 international fugitives, including 38 Dominicans arewanted in several countries by the US and the nations which have sent agents toapprehend them, El Nacional reports quoting sources.

It said Interpol,the FBI, the DEA and Dominican authorities pursue the criminals, 85 from Cuba,Colombia, Venezuela, Curacao, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, America, Spain, France,Germany, Canada and Mexico, and 38 Dominicans among other nationalities,accused of fraud, drug trafficking, sabotage and terrorism.

Also sexualassault of minors, money laundering and fraud, including banks.

Among thefugitives figure doctors, former military, engineers, business leaders and otherprofessions.

The sourcessaid the majority of the Mexicans, Cubans and Venezuelans in the group listedas fugitives are accused of bankrupting companies and financial and bankinginstitutions in their respective countries and in other nations where theyparticipated as accomplices.

The sourcesaid the agents which scour the country accompanied by officials from the securityagencies show lists with the names and photos of those wanted, and have issuedalerts to all agencies at airports.

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