Local September 21, 2015 | 7:56 am

Dominican Republic´s most wanted sought to evade Interpol

Santo Domingo.- Thecountry´s most wanted fugitive Pascual Cabrera Ruiz, and his wife ClaribelCabrera hatched a plot to fake the lifting of the international arrest warrantfiled with Interpol and be able to travel freely without risk of arrest in oneof the airports.

The Justice Ministryon Sunday said the couple which remainsat large hired the lawyer Francisco Javier Mena Castillo, who submitted the forgeddocuments.

Mena is in custody toawait arraignment on the prosecution´s assertion that he sent a communication tothe Dominican Republic Interpol office on the letterhead of the Anti-MoneyLaundering Prosecutor, with a seal of that department.

If they had been successful,Pascual and Claribel Cabrera would’ve beenable to evade Interpol´s high alert in all airports in the entire world. H´s wanted in Dominican Republic charged with drugtrafficking, money laundering and murder.

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