Local September 25, 2015 | 9:30 am

While Medina makes ´surprise visits, the nation suffers: Priests

Santo Domingo.- As isthe tradition in Las Mercedes day sermons, Catholic priests list Dominicansociety´s woes, this time slamming president Danilo Medina´s so-called"surprise" visits to rural areas, and decry political corruption whilethe Dominican people suffer from many problems and shortcomings.

In the Dominicancapital the main mass was held in the Colonial Zone´s Las Mercedes church, wherethe priest Frankely Rodriguez denounced widespread cronyism and government corruption,in addition to the high cost of electoral campaigns, in contrast with the shortcomingsof education, health and lack of jobs.

He lambastedpoliticians, “who only think about their own interests and wellbeing, not theDominican people.”

"We have apresident who´s been in office for three years up the street and down thestreet in the villages, in the farms and every day plantains are moreexpensive, cassava is every day more expensive," Rodriguez said, accompaniedby the also priest Kelvin Acevedo

Rodriguez and Acevedodemanded more and better government assistance for citizens.

"We have apresident who´s spent three years going up the street and down the street inthe villages, in the fields and every day bananas are more expensive, cassava costsmore every day," Rodriguez said, adding that the “the country is adisaster and an outrage … everything is politics."

And despite that seniormilitary officers and government officials were present in the mass, theprelates also decried the lack of safety, violence, street crime and murders facedby Dominican society.

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