Local September 28, 2015 | 7:01 am

Supermoon total lunar eclipse dazzles Dominicans Republic

Santo Domingo.-Dominicans across the country Sunday evening managed to take in the first"supermoon" total lunar eclipse in more than three decades, joining thrillingskywatchers who weren’t disappointed as itpassed through Earth’s shadow.

Theslightly-larger-than-normal full moon shined brightly in Earth’s skies and thendove into the planet’s shadow, turning a gorgeous reddish-gold color asobservers with clear skies enjoyed the view. The event marked the firstsupermoon total lunar eclipse since 1982, and the last until 2033 — and it wasvisible to potentially billions of people across the Western Hemisphere andparts of Europe, Africa and Asia.

Members of the DominicanAstronomers Society were out in full force last night, despite nagging cloudsthat threatened to throw a wet blanket on the celestial event.

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