Local September 29, 2015 | 11:59 am

Tourism, informal commerce must coexist: Expert

La Romana, Dominican Republic.- Improving public services and the controlof urban sprawl are among the primary tasks facing the country´s tourismdestinations, to improve the industry´s competitiveness and maintain Dominicantourism´s sustained growth during the last few years.

In a statement veterantourism journalist Jose Luis Chavez made the observation during the "Strategicworkshop to formalize union employment with social rights and protection,"where he disclosed a paper "Dominican tourism industry´s integration andcoexistence."

The president of the DominicanTourism Press (Adompretur) said the informal economy is a global phenomenon inall countries, from the poorest third world area to Europe´s and United States´megalopolis. “There is a general tendency to tolerate that activity undercertain parameters of order and rationality as a mechanism to compensateunemployment and extreme poverty.”

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