Local September 29, 2015 | 9:30 am

Trucks haul freight regardless, planes don’t do home deliveriy

Santo Domingo.- Thehead of Dominican Republic´s biggest truckers union (Fenatrado) on Monday said thepossibility that Dominican Republic and Haiti establish an air freight corridorto export foods doesn’t concern them.

Blas Peralta saidboth countries have the right to enact the transport systems they deem fit."That’s fine. If they think that’s the solution, then Amen."

He said the truckerswill haul freight overland regardless, because "the planes aren’t going tomake home deliveries," so they’ll still transport goods to and fromairports.

Nonetheless the headof Fenatrado doubts that a Dominican-Haiti air cargo corridor project would materialize.

"God willing they’llget jumbo aircraft which haul cargo. That´s nonsense from Dominican Republicand Haiti both, there are no planes for that," said Peralta, speaking tolistin.com.do by phone


Civil Aviation Board(JAC) chairman Roger Jover last week said his agency is finishing the Dominican-Haitiair cargo corridor project to transport around one million pounds of perishablefoods daily.

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