Local September 30, 2015 | 8:33 am

Scandal-fraught agency´s new chief says he´s different

Santo Domingo.- StateWorks Supervisory Engineers Office (OISOE) director Francisco Pagan on Tuesdaycalled on citizens to go to his office and make any responsible complaint ofirregularities so that he himself can proceed toward the corresponding channel.

The official´s statementcomes in the heels of increasing calls for president Danilo Medina to dissolvethe OISOE, whose 25 years since founded have been rocked by major corruption scandals.

Pagan said since appointedto OISOE on Aug. 16 he took with him a team of men and women “with provenability and integrity to guarantee transparency and the proper exercise of itsfunctions.

Speaking at a work breakfastof Santiago´s Strategic Development Council, the official said he´s a personwho "doesn’t agree with or support wrong practices that reflectquestionable acts."

"Since wearrived in OISOE we initiated the formation of a professional team of hightechnical capacity, proven honesty and seriousness, which doesn’t allow roomfor corruption in that sense I assure you that regardless of whom, there’ll beno cover up; if any act that violates ethics, laws and morality is committed,it will be processed by the corresponding route to render account," Pagan said.

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