Local October 1, 2015 | 8:19 am

´Loan shark´ lawyer nabbed in corrupt agency suicide case

Santo Domingo.- Thelawyer Julio Rafael Perez was arrested Wednesday allegedly involved withAlejandro Isidro de los Santos and Joel Soriano, accused being loan sharks and ofbribery by the architect David Rodriguez, who took his own life in a bathroomof the State Supervising Engineers Office (OISOE).

According to Anticorruptionprosecutor (Pepca) Laura Guerrero, Perez is an assistant to OISOE official AlejoDe los Santos, but wasn’t on the agency´s payroll.

Guerrero said thelawyer provided the contacts with loan sharks to lend money to contractors, andwas called the "bagman" or "man of the rings" bysubcontractors. She said the Justice Ministry seeks to indict the accused.

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