Local October 1, 2015 | 3:54 pm

Proceed goddammit! Head of beleaguered agency says

Santo Domingo.- Avisibly upset director of the State Supervisory Engineers Office (OISOE),Francisco Pagan on Thursday asked that the investigation into the alleged ringof loan sharks in the government agency uncovers the truth.

"What I need isfor the prosecution, the District Attorney to proceed goddammit, this cannot beleft this way. This must reach the ultimate consequences," the official saidafter being questioned by Anticorruption prosecutor Laura Guerrero.

"What´shappening is that I am very, very, very uncomfortable with what’s going onbecause it really is a project that is being done, to plant the country ofschools for children of the extended day, who are being given food, breakfast, ameal and snacks," the official said.

Pagan was questionedas a plaintiff against the engineers Alejandro Santos and Yoel Soriano Fabian,who are being held together with the lawyer Rafael Alejo Pérez, in connectionwith the death of the architect David Rodriguez, who apparently took his ownlife and in his suicide note said the engineers run a ring of loan sharks.

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