Local October 1, 2015 | 12:47 pm

Senator; Dominican government agency a ´cave of thieves´

Santo Domingo.- Oneof the country´s most outspoken lawmakers on Thursday demanded a thorough investigationof former State Supervisory Engineers Office (OISOE) director Miguel PimentelKareh, in whose tenure was

"If there´s a caveof thieves in OISOE, that man has to answer how it occurred," said Peraviaprovince senator Wilton Guerrero.

The National DistrictOffice of the Prosecutor continues the investigation into the alleged suicide ofarchitect David Rodriguez, which uncovered a ring of loan sharks operatingwithin the beleaguered agency.

"It was in hismanagement where that cave of thieves was built," said Guerrero, of theruling PLD party.

Interviewed by localmedia in Congress the lawmaker warned the Justice Ministry that "theinvestigation would go nowhere unless it starts with the tenure of the former director,Miguel Pimentel Kareh."

Anticorruption prosecutorLaura Guerrero is currently interviewing current OISOE director FranciscoPagan, who has denied any connection to the scandal.

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