Local October 2, 2015 | 8:31 am

Haiti police save Dominican truck driver, helper from lynching

Dajabon, Dominican Republic.-Haiti´s National Police saved a Dominican truck driver and his helper frombeing lynched by an enraged mob in Ouanaminthe Thursday, after a wreck which killed a minor who was bicycling across the town´smain street.

Official sources saidDionis Rodriguez was driving the truck accompanied by his still unidentified helper,and were attacked by Haitians after the accident.

Haiti police had todisperse the throng with tear gas and firing in the air to rescue the twoDominicans, who are being held at police precinct at the town near Dajabon.

Dominican cameramanGoyri Reyes, who was near the site of the accident, told local media that hewas chased by several Haitians who wanted to attack him and steal his camera,but thwarted them by quickly crossing the border gate into Dajabón.

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