Local October 3, 2015 | 12:22 pm

“Put the house in order,” urges Cardinal

Santo Domingo.– Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez on Friday urged the government to "put its house in order" regarding the alleged corruption scandal in the State Engineers Supervisory Office(OISOE) that led to the suicide of architect David Rodriguez.

"We certainly have had a lot of data on scandals. We have had one scandal after another. I think we need to put our house in order. If the situation has not been well managed, then we should put it in order. We need to take control of the situation," said Lopez Rodriguez.

The cardinal added that wether the OISOE is dismantle or not, the authorities should pay more attention to it after the recent scandals. He spoke at the Technological Center San Valero, which from now on will be called Technological Center Cardinal Lopez Rodriguez.

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