Local October 5, 2015 | 10:12 am

Evidence mounts as calls to axe notorious agency grow

Santo Domingo.- TheJustice Ministry on Sunday warn that the evidence in the case of the suicide inthe State Works Supervisory Engineers Office (OISOE) determined fraud and siphonedtaxpayers money in the various scams against more than 100 school contractors,which jeopardized thousands of Dominican students.

Anticorruption Office(Pepca) lead prosecutor Laura Guerrero said the accused made payments without receiptsto contract companies linked to them, pilfered materials, ballooned estimatesand forged documents for around three years.

She said there aremore than 100 highly technical and specialized documents as evidence, many ofwhich she affirms require expert analysis. "In the referred case we´re facingserious and complex wrongful acts and offenses of acts of corruption, recognizedas complex investigations at the national and international level."

Guerrero said Alejandrode los Santos, who was OISOE´s head of school buildings, allegedly extorted contractorswith threats to strip them of the contracted works, provided loans to transfer creditand made cash payments to workers on payroll.


As the case explodes sodo the calls to axe the notorious agency, whose previous director, MiguelPimentel Kareh, has been also named in the Peravia Bank fraud and the hushed bankruptcyof the insurance company, Union de Seguros.

According to SINNetwork, a group is calling for a rally Monday afternoon in front of OISOE headquarters,to demand that Medina shutter it permanently.

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