Local October 5, 2015 | 1:25 pm

Supreme Court justices bicker over embezzlement case

Santo Domingo.- The embezzlementcase against ruling PLD party and senator Felix Bautista has unleashed a crisisof confidence among Supreme Court justices Frank Soto and Miriam German, who ina letter dated September 21called her colleague unfair, disrespectful andabusive.

She said for sometime now Soto constantly lacks respect and is inconsiderate, since "no oneshould be obliged to accept disrespect and abuse."

She warn Soto againstthe alleged mistreatment, noting that he had called her a “troublemaker” forcasting her vote to proceed with the case against Bautista, which in Soto´sview, “throws a bucket of mud on them."

Felix Bautista case

The Supreme Court on September22 set a hearing for Oct. 21 to hand down the ruling on the prosecution´s appealagainst Bautista´s acquittal by a lower court.

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