Local October 6, 2015 | 4:15 pm

Another organization demands that Medina axe scandalous agency

Santo Domingo.- The callsto dismantle the State Works Supervisory Engineers Office (OISOE) in the heelsof the scandal uncovered in the aftermath of the suicide death of architectDavid Rodriguez in one of the agency´s bathrooms grew on Tuesday.

Just hours after Institutionalismand Justice Foundation executive director Serbio Tulio Castaños called on thegovernment to dissolve the OISOE and assign its functions to the Public Works Ministry, the NGO Citizen Participation(PC) demanded that president Danilo Medina order its elimination.

PC said Medina mustshow “fortitude, determination and will to move urgently and without fear, andinitiate corrections of the wrongs created by decades in public administrationand make way for the necessary deletion or modification of ineffective entities,such as the State Works Supervisory Engineers Office.”

The scandal at OISOEhas thus far reached one senior official, the agency´s technical director, JoseFlorencio, whereas its former director, Miguel Pimentel Kareh faces wrongfuldeath charges filed by relatives of the deceased, who left a note claimingdesperation for pending loans.

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