Local October 12, 2015 | 9:53 am

Anticorruption group wants probe into ´mafia´ in govt. works

Santo Domingo.- DominicanAnticorruption Alliance –ADOCCO- coordinator Julio C. de la Rosa on Monday calledfor the creation of a commission -similar to the one created in Guatemala- todeal with the corruption cases in recent years, still not clarified.

He said the entitywould be in charge of investigating the alleged “mafia” in the State Works SupervisoryEngineers Office, OISOE, the Education Ministry and other agencies in the constructionof schools buildings.

In a statement, ADOCCOsaid given the power and influence of those senior officials, they won’t beinvestigated by special prosecutor or audited by the Controller General.

" ADOCCO´s cryis to create an institution with an international character to cooperate with specializedagencies and investigate corruption cases, as well as the collaboration of the UnitedStates Federal Bureau of Investigations to find those responsible for operatingthe gangs that have formed around government constructions, through those departments,"de la Rosa said.

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