Local October 13, 2015 | 8:28 am

One of the country ´owners´ rants about hired killers

Santo Domingo.- TheCentral Electoral Board (JCE) on Monday accused Juan Hubieres, one of the busowners known as the “country´s owners” for their often violent protests withimpunity, of threatening to kill its officials and inspectors.

The JCE sent atranscript of Hubieres´ statement made on the Show del Mediodia TV program thatreads: "Judges and inspectors should know .. and I don’t make threats, andlook about what I say on the Web… here there is a group of gunmen in thiscountry, and it´s in the networks, the gunmen, of how they say how to killpeople".

"Today MisterJohn Hubieres was on a TV show and made a confusing death threat against membersand inspectors of the Central Electoral Board. Since it´s somewhat unclear, we´resending audio and video of that comment so that it can be heard and draw yourown conclusions," said JCE spokesman Felix Reyna.

He also asked the deputyand president of the Rebel Movement to clarify what he meant at the end of thatinterview.

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