Local October 14, 2015 | 4:40 pm

Puerto Rico agents nab 2 Dominicans, seize 300 kilos of cocaine

San Juan.- DominicansEdilio Benjamin Hernandez, 38, and Yomar Hernandez, 32, were arrested Wednesdayin an operation in which Puerto Rico Police agents seized around 300 kilos ofcocaine valued at more than US$6 million in a river in the town of Vega Baja, northof the island, EFE reports.

Local authorities reportthat officers assigned to Vega Baja´s Maritime Surveillance Division spotted asuspicious boat sailing along the town´s coast and proceeded to their identification.

During the approachmaneuver the vessel was abandoned by its occupants, who fled into a wooded areanear the mouth of Rio Cibuco.

Officers found 11bales of cocaine and 4 fuel tanks in the 6 meter long boat.

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