Local October 19, 2015 | 12:18 pm

Canada appoints Steve Côté envoy to the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- The Canadian Government recently appointed SteveCôté its Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, a designation he says makes himand his diplomatic team feel happy.

“Being a dynamicperson, one of my goals is to visit all of the Dominican Republic to learn asmuch as possible about the beauties offered by this country. Another of mygoals is to actively participate in sports-related activities, since I’m anamateur cyclist and baseball lover,” the

Côté said theopportunity to represent Canada in the Dominican Republic is a great honor. “Itis the continuation of the long and fruitful road we have traveled together.Our countries share over 60 years of diplomatic relations and more than acentury of commercial relations, which started with the basic exchange ofmolasses, to Canada becoming the second largest direct investor in theDominican Republic.”

“The DominicanRepublic is a valued partner for Canada, whom we share a common vision on theimportance of regional security, human rights, the rule of law and democracy.These priority issues are framed in the Canadian "Commitment to theAmericas," which focus on finding opportunities fostering mutual economicgrowth, strengthening institutions and building lasting relationships withpartners,” the new envoy said in a statement on the embassy Website.

Côté replaces George Boissé in the post.

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