Local October 21, 2015 | 4:35 pm

Dominican Republic deports more Indians as boatpeople eye Puerto Rico

Santo Domingo.- The ImmigrationAgency (DGM) on Wednesday announced thedeportation of eight nationals from India for violating Migratory Law 285-04 andimmediately placed a ban from their entering Dominican Republic.

Immigration said the Indianswere in the Dominican Republic illegally, and were deportws after theirlefal stay in the Dominican Republic expired. "Deportation order issued onOctober 20 is in accordance with the provisions of the General Migration Law285-04."

Since the start ofthe year the number of Indians deported from Dominican Republic has jumped andhave replaced the Cubans as the nationality of most of the boatpeople interdictedat sea trying to reach Puerto Rico illegally, second only to Haitians.

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