Local October 23, 2015 | 1:06 pm

Uber rolls into Dominican Republic but detour looms

Santo Domingo.- WhileSanto Domingo´s taxi regulatory agency (CART) and transport unions vow to haltthe Uber fever from entering the country, the head of Dominican Republic´s ElectronicCommerce Chamber (Codelec) on Friday called allegations that its operationswould be illegal, “wrong, hasty and unfounded.”

Domingo Rojas said Uberworks to obtain its operating license and stressed that as long as the companycomplies with sector regulations, through CART, Codolec will defend theirpresence in the country.

He said the taxiswith the Uber digital platform facilitate transport through a Web applicationwhich provides better service to users. "We describe as reckless, hasty andfruit of the ignorance, the statements by Mr. Desiderio Ruiz, president of Cart,that the organization well file suit against Uber, because it´s supposedly inthe country illegally."

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