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Dolphin Capital introduces Amanera Villas at Playa Grande

Miami, Fl.- DolphinCapital, a world-leading residential resort developer, is introducing itslatest real estate and luxury lifestyle offering: Amanera in the DominicanRepublic.

Located along thefamed northern shore of the country — and adjacent to what is arguably themost beautiful beach in the Dominican Republic, Playa Grande — the AmaneraVillas offer a limited number of branded residences for sale, ranging from twoto six bedrooms.

Amanera Villaspresent discerning buyers with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase aprivate serviced retreat within Amanera, the first ever golf-integrated Aman resort.

Designed byaward-winning architect John Heah, Amanera stretches out over 2,000 acres ofvirtually untouched land and Atlantic seacoast, comprising verdant peaks andlush jungle terrain with centuries-old trees and royal palms.

Drawing its name fromthe Sanskrit-derived word for peace — "aman" — and "era,"the word for “water” in Taíno (the indigenous Caribbean language), the new resortand residences of Amanera boast compelling vistas over the crescent-shapedPlaya Grande beach, the golf course and the ocean.

Dolphin Capital’sexquisite Amanera Villas are tucked away within their own private enclave alongthe Playa Grande Golf Course and adjacent to the resort. Each residenceperfectly captures the enchanting and inherent nature of the Caribbean whileproviding style with a contemporary edge. Floor-to-ceiling windows and expansiveoutdoor terraces add to the allure of these exclusive hideaways, mostespecially because each home is perfectly positioned, replete with sweepingviews of the Atlantic Ocean’s azure waters and the golf course.

“The Amanera Villasoffer a rare chance to purchase part of the Aman lifestyle in one of the mostsought-after and exotic destinations in the world," said Katerina Katopis,Director at Dolphin Capital. "Amanera Villas will herald a new era ofelegant living in the Caribbean — and from the heart of a destination that isvery much at the forefront of today’s travel and lifestyle industry.”

Amanera is fullyintegrated with the Playa Grande Golf Course, which is spread over roughly 180acres. The course is perched atop the cliffs of Playa Grande, overlooking thebeach. It was originally designed by golf legend Robert Trent Jones, Sr., andhas now been fully renovated by his son, Rees Jones.

Faithfully revivinghis father’s legacy, 10 holes play directly on ocean cliffs, giving the coursethe distinction of the only of its kind in the Western Hemisphere that offersthis many holes on the ocean.

“The confluence oflocation, design and amenities that will be enjoyed by Amanera Villa owners isunlike any other destination in the Caribbean,” said Pierre Charalambides,Founding Partner, Dolphin Capital Partners. “Amanera Villas is a transformativeresidential real estate offering, an opportunity that presents itself with greatscarcity.”

Amanera Villaresidents will have complete access to the Playa Grande Golf Course as well asa myriad of unique amenities available at Amanera — such as the famed Aman Spa– along with extensive dining and recreational facilities, including theresort’s well-equipped fitness center. The Beach Club will also be at the disposalof all residents, ideally situated in a sandy cove on Playa Grande beach.

The untouched nature ofthe Dominican Republic and its north shore, known as the ‘Green Coast,’ presentan indisputable appeal for those seeking to purchase sophisticated, highspecification property in the exclusive and illustrious enclave that is PlayaGrande.

Described by ChristopherColumbus as, “the most beautiful land eyes have ever seen,” the Dominican Republic,with its colonial charm, wildly dramatic landscape and expansive stretch of rawcoastline, is having a revival.

According to the 2015Wealth-X Caribbean Wealth & Investment Report, this tropical slice ofparadise is home to more ultra-high-net worth individuals than any otherCaribbean destination, with more than twice as many as the next highest-rankeddestination, as noted in the report.

Adding to theconvenience of Amanera Villa’s location is the Dominican Republic’saccessibility from major international cities including Miami, New York, PuertoRico, London, and Frankfurt, among others. The destination now awaitsexploration by a new generation of pioneers with Dolphin Capital’s announcementfurther reinforcing this Caribbean country’s arrival into the spotlight.

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