Local October 27, 2015 | 11:12 am

Medina cuts ribbon on Caucedo logistics hub first phase

Boca Chica, DominicanRepublic.- President Danilo Medina on Monday headed ribbon cutting for the firstphase of the Puerto Caucedo Logistics Center in Andres, Boca Chica, which aims toturn the country into a regional and global business and freight distributionhub.

With the new projectthe Government and the investors seek to establish a new port management systemand more efficient process for imports and exports, eliminating unnecessary redtape.

The promoters say thefacility will provide logistical services ranging from receiving containers,cargo handling, storage, transshipment and distribution from other transactionsto local and foreign businesses.

In the keynote speechPuerto Caucedo president Samuel Conde stressed the initiative´s importance todevelop international trade. "In these times the maritime industry´s dynamicsis being fully transformed, because the Panama Canal expansion project will soonbe completed. This will triple the size of ships transiting through the areaand will therefore generate far-reaching increase demand for transshipment."

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