Local October 28, 2015 | 3:17 pm

Dominican Foreign Affairs: don´t blame France, come clean first

Santo Domingo.- Beforeblaming France it´s the Dominican authorities who should look at themselves todetermine where was the country´s failure which allowed the pilots Pascal Jean Fauretand Bruno Odos to flee, despite being sentenced to 20 years for drugtrafficking.

The scolding by Foreignminister Andrés Navarro comes just hours after National District prosecutor YeniBerenice Reynoso accused French authorities of “direct involvement” in the pilots´escape last week.

He said you cannot blameanyone for errors, since “we should first review the guilt of the Dominicanauthorities.”

"If you want to beserious in any area of ??your life, as a person or institution, when somethinghappens, you must first review yourself. I don’t usually place blame one theother party when mistakes have been made and when there have been problems, wemust first examine ourselves," said Navarro.

He reiterated that beforeblaming France, it´s something the authorities should first explain whattranspired in the country.

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