Local October 29, 2015 | 7:41 am

French pilots´ cloak-and-dagger escape roils Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- Themounting scandal sparked by the cloak-and-dagger escape of the two Frenchpilots convicted of drug trafficking in Dominican Republic and are free in yourcountry has prompted the Justice Ministry follow the paper trail that would ultimatelylead to their return to Europe.

The investigation intothe ever-widening scandal has been opened since local authorities still hold PascalFauret´s and Bruno Odos´ passports, and who were likely helped by others toflee Dominican territory despite a c ourt-ordered travel ban.

Local media report thatthe Justice Ministry contacted the French embassy in the country to obtainofficial information, the diplomatic mission however said they are "stymied"by the escape.

While the two Frenchmenconvicted on possession of 700 kilos of cocaine seized in 2013 are still atlarge, that country´s government on Wednesday said it wouldn’t extradite itsnationals to Dominican soil.

Lead prosecutor accusesFrance

Calling France’srefusal to extradite Fauret and Odos irresponsible, National District prosecutorYeni Berenice Reynoso on Wednesday said there´s sufficient evidence that theFrench State was “officially” involved in their escape. “"While it is truethat France doesn’t usually extradite its citizens, this is a very specialcase, and I reiterate that there are many indications that France hasofficially participated in the escape of the pilots."

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