Local November 5, 2015 | 12:56 pm

Prosecutor: Judges should be tough on crime, thanks US support

Santo Domingo.- Justice minister Francisco Dominguez warned Thursday thatjustice should be tough against crime and cited cases Torre Atiemar and acouncilman charged with several murders, but who released by judges.

He also noted that while it´s up to the Supreme Court to investigate those judges, there cannot be any tolerance oforganized crime, "whether it´s corruption or drug trafficking, whoever andwhatever the type of crime."

He warned that drug traffickers and people in organized crime with deeppockets, "aim to get away with it.”

"We saw the case of Torre Atiemar, the councilman Edison de losSantos (Ney), charged with several killings and other cases that aren’t worthmentioning. There are several rulings which fill us with concern," theofficial said.

In a National Palace interview, Dominguez noted however, that there aremany serious and capable judges, and cannot be generalized as corrupt."There are judges committed to the truth, committed to a life of prestige,with a few exceptions…"

Meeting with Brewster

When asked about the 3-hour meeting Wednesday with US ambassador JamesBrewster, Dominguez said they discussed the treaties and Washington´s support forthe Justice Ministry, adding that here are many projects to make justice stronger.

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