Local November 5, 2015 | 4:37 pm

Santiago ready for health tourism with cutting-edge technology

Santiago.- Healthtourism is twofold: the patients who come for some reason, seeking health, notjust in aesthetics and plastic surgery, but in other specialties, and thosewho´re in the country when a health issue or emergency occurs.

Hodelpa Hotels marketingdirector and Santiago Hotels Association representative Aura Nuñez de Dominguezmade the distinction, speaking at Santiago´s 6th annual TouristPress Summit 2015, which addressed the topic "Health Tourism in Santiago."

She stressed that thereis great potential in health tourism in Dominican Republic´s most economicallyadvanced province.

"Health tourism doesn’trefer to, as many believe, providing medical care to the tourist who has amishap while in any destination in the country, on the contrary it´s a servicein high demand internationally, and in that sense the Dominican Republic has outstandingprofessional graduates from prestigious international universities; and countson the most sophisticated and modern technologically equipped medical centers,"Nuñez said.

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