Local November 7, 2015 | 9:45 am

European Union ambassador urges Haiti to lift the ban

Santo Domingo.– European Union ambassador Alberto Navarro on Friday revealed that the leaders of the Dominican Republic and Haiti asked him to accompany the foreign ministers of both countries to the dialogue seeking to reach an agreement on Haiti’s decision to ban the import of 23 Dominican products by land.

Before the meeting ambassador Navarro and his colleague in Haiti will meet within the framework of the Binational Fair which opened today, where they will discuss issues related to border development.

In a National Palace press conference after attending a meeting with president Danilo Medina and European Investment Bank (EIB) vice president Pim Van Ballekom, Navarro said the EU would like to help both countries in achieving a fruitful dialogue.

Among the banned products are flour, cement, cooking oil, soap, detergent, bottled water and auto paints. Navarro suggested that if the ban cannot be lifted at once, it could be done gradually.

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