Local November 9, 2015 | 7:25 am

Key city intersection closed for works

Santo Domingo.- The Ministry of Public works closedthe intersection between Caonabo and 27 de Febrero avenues Sunday morning towork on the final details of the underpass that is being built in the area.Minister Gonzalo Castillo’s announcement that the project would be inauguratednext Sunday, November 15th, is behind the intensive activity evident since yesterday at the 27 de Febrero and Privada intersection.

The fencing surrounding the project has been removed, allowing passers-byand drivers to appreciate its scale.

A team of workers is working on the signageinside the underpass, where lighting and electricity tests are beingcarried out. They were also busy planting trees. According to a source, theproject is now complete and these are the finishing touches.

The Ministry ofPublic Works is advising drivers traveling from west to east who would usually take Caonabo Avenue, to use the U-turn provided over the new underpass.The underpass, which is part of the Duarte Corridor II project, is 464 meterslong and has two lanes in each direction, each 3.3 meters wide. Works began atthe end of February and the project is being implemented by the North-South Consortium,made up of the Estrella and Odebrecht companies.

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