Local November 10, 2015 | 9:58 am

Agents arrest 6, nab 54 bricks of drug on luxury yacht in La Romana

La Romana, Dominican Republic.-The National Drugs Control agency (DNCD) on Monday arrested six people and seized 54 bricks of a white substance presumably cocaine or heroin, a luxury yacht that had set sail from Casa de Campo, La Romana (east).

The drug was seized on board the 135 foot yacht "The Kingdom" registry Y0016, Nassau flag, which had been docked at the resort, the DNCD said.

The DNCD said it had gathered intelligence that the boat had an undetermined amount of drugs, and with the Dominican Navy´s support proceeded two board the yacht and bound bags with 54 bricks and arrested four of its occupants and two others on warrants in an eatery.

The agents also confiscated an Ford SUV a Toyota car, RD$43,450 and US$500 from a suspect and 64,000 pesos from another.

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