Local November 12, 2015 | 4:46 pm

Dominican Republic traffic deaths surpass any illness: Efe

Santo Domingo.- Trafficaccidents kill as many as 3,000 people in the Dominican Republic each year,surpassing deaths from any illness, according to local auto insurance industry representatives,who expressed concerned with the figure, EFE reports.

Motorist Center (CAA) presidentOsiris Juan Mota said in addition to those killed, such accidents leave thousandsof people incapacitated.

"Many young peopleare left unproductive by traffic accidents. We care about dengue but trafficaccidents are killing more people than any disease known in this country,"said the head of CAA, an assistance center that provides services to customersof 11 insurers.

For Mota, the countryneeds stricter enforcement and greater awareness on the part of motorists.

"We have a toughlaw that hits us where it hurts, which are fines," he said in a pressconference to mark the first anniversary of the center.

In the DominicanRepublic "will need to organize and educate ourselves a little morebecause it´s not just the public drivers who break the law, all of us do so."

US$1.1 billion

According to CAA generalmanager Luis Torres, traffic accidents will cost taxpayers RD$50.0 billion (US$1.11billion) each year.

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