Local November 16, 2015 | 2:40 pm

Dominican Republic´s top prosecutor names 6 judges in ´mafia´

Santo Domingo.-Dominican Republic´s Justice minister on Monday rocked the country´s judiciary,accusing six National District and Santo Domingo province judges, including onewho resigned from the Judiciary last week, of running an internal structure whichmanipulates processes and negotiate the release of individuals linked to organizedcrime, mostly drug trafficking, money laundering and corruption.

Francisco DominguezBrito, in a missive to Judicial Council president Mariano German, who is also SupremeCourt chief justice, requested an investigation into the alleged structure formedby judges, employees, former judges, lawyers and individuals.

The official said thestructure is headed by Francisco Arias Valera, who resigned as member of theSupreme Judicial Council and former Santo Domingo province 4th InstructionCourt judge; National District 4th Criminal Chamber judge AwildaReyes Beltre; National District 1st Appellate Court judge DelioGermán; Santo Domingo province 5th Instruction Court judge JoseDionisio Duvergé Mejia; Santo Domingo province Criminal Chamber Appellate Courtjudge Rosó Vallejo Espinosa, and Victor Mejia Lebron also a judge in thatdistrict.

According to Dominguezthese judges have committed serious irregularities and inconsistencies in the processesand in rulings handed down in several cases, “all o them regarding the use of theirposition to obtain illicit wealth,” from illegal sources.

Arias Valera had resignedas member of the Supreme Judicial Council on Thursday, and his status as SantoDomingo province 4th Instruction Court judge.

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