Local November 16, 2015 | 3:46 pm

Officials in confirmed corruption won’t be punished: Poll

Sano Domingo.- There’llbe no penalty levied on the officials for the corruption confirmed in the StateSupervisory Engineers Office (OISOE), according to 92 percent of the readers ofoutlet elnacional.com.do, while 8% think otherwise.

The corruption scandalwas uncovered when contractor David Rodriguez took his own live in a bathroomin OISOE offices and left a letter accusing several officials of that agency ofbeing loan sharks to extort money from the allocation for the works, mostlypublic schools.

This scandal uncovered againshed light of the mechanisms for extortion used in OISOE such as the purchaseof contracts and the loan sharks that loan money for the builders to finish theworks.

Some of the contractorswhom the OISOE owed millions of pesos publicly denounced the scandal and affirmedthey’ve been submitted to extortion.

And despite that Anticorruptionprosecutor Laura Guerrero acknowledged that an investigation found cases ofextortion, the senior members of the alleged ring have yet to be indicted.

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