Local November 17, 2015 | 9:00 am

100 years of La Informacion

Santiago.- To mark acentury of timely news, executives of the Dominican Newspapers Association (SDD)visited the country´s second city to express solidarity with stakeholders anddirectors of newspaper La Informacion, recognizing its role played throughout thehistory of the country´s written press, founded November 16, 1915.

Persio Maldonado, SDD presidentand editor-in-chief of newspaper El Nuevo Diario and his colleagues pledgedsupport for the daily, second oldest in the country after the Listin Diario.

Santiago was also hometo the country´s first newspaper, ´El Telégrafo Constitucionalde Santo Domingo´ founded by Antonio María Pineda de Ayala in 1821.

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