Local November 17, 2015 | 10:25 am

Authorities seize 10.0M bootleg cigarettes in warehouse

Santo Domingo.- The AgencyCustoms (DGA) and the Justice Ministry on Monday seized around 10 millionbootleg cigarettes in the warehouse "Transporte Doñe," 22 kilometersnorth on the Duarte Highway.

Justice Ministryofficial Rafael Brito said warehouse owner Leandry José Llames was arrested duringthe raid and awaits arraignment.

He said a container inthe warehouse was smuggled into the country with more than 10 millioncigarettes of the brands Capital, Pacific, Loreno, Poker, Royal and Director,among others, without the tax stamp nor name of manufacturer, nor health warning.

In a statement Customs saidit has seized some 90 million cigarettes since 2013, of which around 45 millionhave been destroyed. “It´s estimated that smuggling led to economic losses ofmore than RD$2.0 billion since 2013.”

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