Local November 18, 2015 | 7:51 am

Push to nail corrupt judges rocks Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- Justiceminister Francisco Dominguez on Tuesday vowed to investigate other judges foralleged corruption and reiterated he would continue fighting those who, "willhave to face the prosecutors in all instances."

Monday´s announcementthat five judges had been suspended without pay rocked the Dominican Republic,and came just two days after the Justice Ministry revealed a wide-reachinginvestigation into widespread corruption in the Judiciary.

Speaking at NationalPolice headquarters, the country´s top prosecutor said the judges´ incriminatingactions, "shouldn’t be left as is. There are probably more people involvedin these cases."

The official urged thejudicial authorities to deal with the alleged irregularities vigorously because"it´s not possible for actors who are called to deal with crime to becomeaccomplices to crime."

Dominguez hailed thesupport and effort by the judiciary, specifically the Supreme Court Council, whichsuspend several judges accused of “manipulating proceedings” and releasingmostly drug traffickers and money launderers, many of them foreigners who arenow fugitives.

The Supreme Court Councilon Monday suspended without pay judges Awilda Reyes Beltre, Elio GermánFigueroa, Jose Mejia Duvergé of the National District, and Roso Vallejo Espinosaand Victor Mejia Lebron, of Santo Domingo province.

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