Local November 19, 2015 | 2:59 pm

The judiciary of great concern for US envoy

Santo Domingo.- USambassador James W. Brewster on Thursday stated his great concern with DominicanRepublic´s judicial system and said Washington cooperates with local authoritiesto find ways so corrupt people and those who steal taxpayers´ money facecharges.

He said he´s willing tocollaborate so Dominican Republic´s legal system guarantee investment by US businessesin the country.

When asked about his frequentmeetings with Justice minister Francisco Dominguez, and the five judges suspendedfor alleged corruption, the diplomat said he frequently meets with him todiscuss various issues, some of which public opinion isn’t privy to.

Brewster spoke aftersigning four agreements with as many townships on climate change and to provideUS$21.0 million for several projects in a period of four years.

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