Local November 19, 2015 | 1:17 pm

Top prosecutor: Most justices have already ruled for impunity

Santo Domingo.- Justiceminister Francisco Dominguez on Thursday said filing an appeal on the acquittalof senator Felix Bautista because it would be the same justices who woulddecide, but warned that the case is evidence the judiciary requires a profoundreform.

The deadline to appeal theruling expired today at 12 midnight.

He asked presidentDanilo Medina to convene the National Judicial Council urgently to discuss thesituation affecting Dominican Republic´s justice system.

Dominguez said theappeal in Bautista´s case is a just demand of the various sectors of society whichin his view has been empowered and want real change in everything relating tothe fight against corruption, reiterating that it makes no sense. “The vastmajority of those judges and those of the highest court have already ruled infavor of impunity.”

"Being sopredictable result against the current Supreme Court, we understand that thestrongest moral sanction is the lack of responsibility displayed precisely bythe echelon in question," the chief prosecutor said, but cautioned that thedecision in no way can be interpreted as capitulation.

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