Local November 23, 2015 | 11:20 am

Dominican judicial crisis: A 6th judge suspended

Santo Domingo.- TheJudicial Council on Sunday announced it suspended and sent to a disciplinaryhearing Constanza (central) Instruction judge Juan Antonio Lazala without pay,on charges of misconduct.

It said Lazala, accusedof serious offenses, will face disciplinary trial, a decision approved during ameeting on Friday, headed by Supreme Court chief justice Mariano German, with Councilmembers Dulce Rodriguez de Goris and Elias Santini. Lazala becomes the sixthjudge which the Council suspends in less than a week.

Judges Victor Mejia, RosóEspinosa, José Duvergé, Delio Germán, Awilda Reyes, Rosó Vallejo and JoseEspinosa were also suspended without pay.

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