Local November 26, 2015 | 9:32 am

Powerful senator calls government corruption ´isolated acts´

Santo Domingo.- Rulingparty (PLD) senator Reynaldo Pared on Wednesday didn’t challenge a reporter´s assertionof government corruption by calling them “isolated acts,” noting that officialsdo their job to exercise transparency.

"I don’t deny thatisolated acts of corruption were committed but it´s unfair to generalize thisscourge when during PLD administrations steps have been have taken which havebeen entrenched in the government of Danilo Medina which have been put in placeto anticipate such acts."

As an example of allegedefforts to fight corruption, the also general secretary of the PLD cited the PublicWorks Ministry´s lotteries and the food import permits, civil society participationin Overseer commissions in the various government agencies and the measures adoptedto make them more transparent.

The lawmaker made hisstatements after the Senate approved an emergency supplementary budget of RD$3.99billion, without changing the version passed by the Chamber of Deputies.

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