Local November 30, 2015 | 11:16 am

´Dark interests´ behind Dominican Republic bashers on Haiti row

Santo Domingo.- ConservativeFNP party presidential candidate Pelegrin Castillo on Sunday refuted UNofficial Alvaro Vargas Llosa´s statements that there are stateless people inthe Dominican Republic, calling Vargas “a man who serves dark interests” that conspireagainst the country, which in his view has a serious problem of undocumentedworkers.

He said the situationis precisely the result of the international community’s inability, lack ofwill, and lack of interest in Haiti to document Haitians nationals."Behind all the talk there´s a desire for that Dominican Republic to assumeHaitians as Dominican nationals."

Castillo, interviewed byJulio Martínez Pozo on Antena Latina Channel 7, said, “this conspiracy is notnew, it has gone on for many years.” He said the Inter-American Human Rights Commissionhas been one of the instruments of that conspiracy since 1999.

He called Vargas “nothingbut a pawn on the board,” formed by key players from a group of important powersin the US. "Haiti collapsed as a state and all the governments are fullyaware of the concerns over the country´s problems, especially the major powers.They don’t want a reconstruction effort that is just. "

"Dominican governmentsin general, and the ruling class has historically been giving ground. But afterthe Constitutional Court the country has to assert its sovereignty, because ifit cannot define who is Dominican and accept that people like Vargas Llosa,NGOs, and the whole structure of interest and business with the Haitian drama, they’llcontinue moving" said the former lawmaker.

"There can be no Dominicansolution to the Haitian problem because that would represent a grave injusticethat will affect and is affecting the lives of millions of Dominicans."

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