Local December 1, 2015 | 9:19 am

Peravia bank victims decry Superintendence ´influence peddling´

Santo Domingo.- Depositorsof the failed Peravia bank on Monday denounced alleged privileges, favoritismand influence peddling to obtain reimbursements, and to date have yet toreceive one penny despite the Banks Superintendence validation of their lifelongsavings.

At a press conferenceat the Journalists’ Association, accompanied by their lawyer Zacharias Payano, thevictims said other bank depositors have been reimbursed from the ContingencyFund as the Monetary and Financial Code stipulates.

They said they’ve contactedBanks Superintendence advisor Manuel Peña Conce several times, who suggestedthat they go to the state-owned Reservas bank, since those deposits ??were in itsaccounts, because the Superintendence hadn’t validated them.

"Like fools we wentto the Reservas bank several times and there was nothing, prompting us to demandthe return of those values ??and payment for damages from the Banks Superintendenceand its director, for compromising his responsibility," the victims said.

They said the Superintendencehas made a mockery of them “because they are now using delaying tactics to prolongour cases.”

They said despite that morethan 10 inspectors of the monetary authorities had been auditing Peravia during10 months they didn’t realize what was happening there, which shows negligence,"if not complicity."

"In no one’s head,despite how stupid they may be, would make sense that the Venezuelansexecutives were let go the same day November 19, 2014, with the help of powerfulpeople, when the bank was shuttered."

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