Local December 2, 2015 | 12:08 pm

Civic group ´sold´ embattled judge´s revelations for money

Santo Domingo.- The lawyerfor suspended National District judge Awilda Reyes on Wednesday said he´sconcerned with the revelations by the civic movement Citizen Participation (PC)of what he calls "real and invented data" from the statements which hisclient had entrusted to them.

Tomas Castro saidCitizen Participation committed an indiscretion by divulging the embattledjudge´s revelations.

He said he asked the ForensicsInstitute to analyze the handwriting on the receipt she wrote to return the allegedbribe, in which Reyes´s name appears.

Moreover, Castro, also lawyerfor resigning judge Francisco Arias also assailed Citizen Participation which inhis view, “assumed the case with political overtones,” and accused the civicmovement of selling its discretion for money.

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