Local December 3, 2015 | 4:28 pm

Dominican groups seek injunction against coal-fired plants

Santo Domingo.- Organizationsand individuals of Peravia province and from across the country on Thursday filedfor an injunction in the Superior Administrative Court, to halt construction ofthe two coal-fired plants Punta Catalina citing damaged to the environment.

The asked also the courtto order the replacement of coal with less polluting natural gas as fuel for theplants.

The Lawyers forEnvironmental Protection Institute (INSAPROMA) and leaders and members of theNational Committee to Combat Climate Change (CNLCC), the Association ofProfessionals and Technicians Catalina (APROTECA), the Sainaguá among other groupsfrom Peravia and San Pedro provinces say the coal plants pose a high risk and aserious violation of fundamental rights to health and a pollution-freeenvironment.

They said the plants violateEnvironment and Natural Resources Law 64-00 which stipulates that any project thataffects adjacent areas must first count with an environmental license.

"These plants startedconstruction without the existence of an environmental permit or license amid anational and international scandal for their enormous overvaluation of aroundone billion dollars and a bidding process affected by serious conflicts ofinterest," the organizations said in a statement.

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